Sirens Will Guide Me

by Jacket Thor

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Recorded during June and July 2013 in New Haven, Connecticut with whatever equipment, instruments and things to drum on that I had access to.


released July 10, 2013

All songs written, performed, recorded and artwork by
Ryan Kalentkowski

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me and/or this project for the last year or however long it's been, I really appreciate it!




Jacket Thor New Haven, Connecticut

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Track Name: White Noise Machine
Those encouraging words
Still muffled beneath
White noise machine

Your chest was like glass
I slid my head up and all around
Your organs told me
What they wanted to say
And as they fade
I listen to you decay
Track Name: Roman Faces
Slow motion, arms are raised
Open hills, Roman face

To sun, the mountains and trees
And fountains ripe with necessity
We still walk in awe

Our wares beside us
They’re beside us
Track Name: Love Song for a Beast
Forge your name and your blood
With every word you’ve come to terms
And your body it glows
With bodies below

And your elbows still haunt me
Like a swift, cold dust
But we’ve all heard about death

Track Name: Little Fortress
Don’t you see what I’ve done?
Don’t you see what I’ve done?
Little fortress, little hope
On the couch in resting mode
When the summer sinks the patterns we hold

So speak, speak
With words of the moment
And eyes of conviction
Track Name: Conversational Exorcism
Here comes the storm
Making waves in the sand
With a muted chaos
Behind a window, grand

And I worry, if it wants to stay
That I’ll run out of things to say

Here comes the storm
See its old veiny hand
A plastic necklace and tap water
To make it be gone

Here comes the storm
Feel it bulging in your pants
A plastic necklace and tap water
To make it be gone

Light harasses a prism
During conversational exorcism
Track Name: Skyline
We look up
In a big, dark room
You were like time
And I am the skyline

Pointing north
Sink your teeth in the moon
Proclaim your words as truths
And hold your city
It’s my city too

There’s this strange pull
Keeps us down
Do yourself that favor
Submit to the ground
Inject your mouth with wine
And I am the skyline
Track Name: For the Young Night
You once said
When you’d wake from the dead
Your head near the fence
Wondering what you did
And why do you need to repent
And does it really matter
To anyone in the end

And when you ride that wave
Toward land
You arrive to a face full of sand

But it’s alright
For the night is young
And you are but an infant in time

You once said
That the most clouded of heads
Are lost to the most intimately alone
Track Name: ...and Sirens Will Guide Me
Some of my friends are man-made
And some of them are lakes
Some are both of which
But I couldn’t say

We are easily veiny trees
They meet at our feet
And we’ll be still
As we humor the ill
With tales of restless chill

Sirens will guide me